Self Defence

There are many reasons to take self-defence lessons. The most obvious is to protect your personal safety from those who want to cause you physical harm. Self-defence training also provides many more benefits. It helps you stay physically fit, gives you confidence and helps focus the mind and spirit. Since you never know when you might need to defend yourself, it is a good idea to be prepared by taking self-defence classes.

There is a long history of ordinary people studying self-defence. The martial arts are designed to help students defend themselves against much larger and stronger attackers. The idea is to use the attacker's aggression against him and focus on vulnerable parts of the attacker's body. Doing this negates any size or strength advantage. Self-defence can be learned by anyone. In a life or death situation, it could save your life.

You may find yourself in a situation where the safety of others is at risk. Protecting your own safety is important. Protecting your loved ones is even more important. Knowing a few self-defence techniques could be all that is needed to neutralise an attacker long enough for your loved ones to get to safety. If you are not studying self defence for you own sake, do it for those you care about.

Knowing how to fight gives you the confidence not to fight. Many lifelong martial artists have never used their self-defence skills in real life. This is because they know they don't have to. Confidence allows you to stand up to a bully. Often that's all it takes to scare them away. Bullies look for weak people to victimise. Self-defence makes you strong and aware. It trains you to avoid potentially dangerous situations so you are less likely to be a target for crime.

Taking self-defence lessons is excellent exercise. While you are learning to save your life, you are also improving your body, controlling your weight and releasing mood-enhancing endorphins in your brain. Self defence makes you healthy and happy.

Focus and concentration are important elements of self-defence training. A calm mind is an effective mind. The holistic lessons learned in self-defence training translate to other aspects of your life. Knowing that you can accomplish self-defence techniques with your body and mind will encourage you to reach new heights at work, at home and with other people.

Weapon Defence
How would you deal with a knife wielding assailant? Learn how to survive an armed hold-up, as well as scenario training against common weapon attacks including; knife, syringe, club, firearm, etc. Also covers defensive use of improvised weapons that you carry and use daily.
Be Aware

  • Accept the fact that you are a potential victim of violence
  • It is strategically sound to prepare for emergencies in advance of danger. This way, in the event of an attack, you will feel less fear, follow a plan and take action
  • Lack of mental and physical preparedness usually results in confusion, hesitation and panic. What would you do if you were attacked?
  • Learning self defence is just plain smart, no different than taking a CPR first aid course, or owning a fire extinguisher or first aid kit. We have the right to personal security and safety
  • We must be responsible for our own personal security
  • We have the right to protect or defend ourselves vigorously and aggressively if we have exhausted all other means


Course Outcomes

  • You will develop awareness and prevention skill so that you will reduce the likelihood of being attacked
  • You will develop fear / crisis management skills so you become empowered and more positive to new or uncertain situations
  • You will develop an understanding of the 'anatomy' of conflict, simple logical steps in order make better decisions whilst under pressure. This process also assists in removing post conflict hang-ups and emotional scars
  • You will develop simple instinctive fighting skills to deal with a larger, stronger, more committed or armed offender. It's not pretty. It is effective!
  • You will obtain instant results, ready for immediate use. Get Fit Self-Defence has expert instructors who will guide you through the courses. It's a great fun way to learn lifesaving skills, gain confidence and protect you, friends and family


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