Get Fit ‘Boxing for Fitness’ program is a great way to improve your overall fitness with 98% of your muscles getting a work out!
Get Fit programs are designed to challenge participants by building intensity and complexity over the length of the program. However, we also enable people to work at their own fitness level and aim to have some fun along the way.
Also, each program has its own boxing focus combined with different exercises to aid in improving fitness. The focus of the current program is on jab/cross, uppercuts and hooks technique, punch combinations and improved muscular endurance/core stability.

What Get Fit provide;
All focus pads & mitts, all additional fitness equipment, a pre-exercise questionnaire and any additional fitness advice/support you may require.
We have Morgan Inners ($10) to purchase (refer to inners policy on the following pages)

What to bring;

  • Towel & mat (for ground work such as push-ups or sit ups and wiping away the sweat) or yoga matt
  • Your own inners or wraps
  • Drink bottle
  • A quality pair of running shoes (Get Fit recommend buying from The Running Edge)
  • Comfortable clothing for moderate to high intensity exercise (or purchase a training singlet, t-shirt or long sleeve from Get Fit)
  • Any relevant medical information (e.g. doctor’s certificate)
  • Get Fit pre-exercise questionnaire fully completed
  • A strong work ethic and willingness to enjoy two different forms of training
  • What to expect
  • Clients may also bring along their own boxing gloves to the sessions but it is recommended that clients do not share their gloves with any other clients attending the sessions

Our Boxing for Fitness programs operate all year round;
In this time you will have the opportunity to increase your fitness as the intensity in the sessions grows.
You will also be able to improve your punch/pad holding technique, movements and skills. In the end, you only get out of the session what you put in so the harder you work the greater the benefits!

Warm ups - Clients are expected to arrive early enough to perform their own warm up for the session.
Movements should be dynamic (prepare the body for what it is about to do) in nature and raise the heart rate.
The instructor may run an additional short warm up or include it in the opening part of the session.
Cool downs - Clients may stay at the venue to do static stretches and socialise or the instructor may take clients through a stretching routine.

Additional information;
Get Fit aims to help all clients to reach their fitness goals so ask the instructor about our other services.

  • Contact Get Fit if you have any medical conditions or personal situations you need to discuss. This includes letting the instructor(s) know if you are feeling sore/tired/run down and if you feel unsafe/endangered/unclear about the expectations during the session.
  • The instructor will explain any commands required for the session (e.g. ‘the whistle means stop’ or ‘when the timer beeps then we all run across the room’)
  • All Get Fit instructors have current first aid qualifications, have access to a first aid kit and have a mobile phone in case of emergency

Inners/hand wraps policy;
All clients must have a pair of inners or hand wraps by the 2nd session they attend.
If clients do not bring their own pair of inners or hand wraps to wear then they must order a pair of hand wraps ($10) from Get Fit.
Clients are free to purchase their own inners or hand wraps from a retail outlets. Wraps or inners must be brought to every session.
Hand Wraps helps
• promote more hygienic gloves when people are swapping from gloves to focus pads
• protect the gloves from any scratches/cuts and potential bleeding from the skin
• protect the skin from abrasions from friction of rubbing against the leather
• protect the life of the gloves and focus pads that are provided for clients to use in sessions
• gives greater padding and protection to knuckles/finger joints when
• striking

Session information;

  • Please contact Get Fit to make a booking
  • Questionnaires/forms to complete
  • All new clients must complete the Pre Exercise Questionnaire and either return it before the commencement of their first session
  • Cost $10.00 per session (there is also special packs available on request)


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