Boot Camp

WARNING - Get Fit warns that our Group Fitness Sessions will quickly become addictive! 

Our group fitness sessions are commonly referred to as boot camp – but first things first – we want to make sure you’re not freaking out about being yelled at to lift tyres/run 20km/fling yourself over that wall etc. In that sense, we are about as far removed from traditional ‘military-style’ boot camps as you can get!

What we actually do at our sessions varies quite a bit, each session is different but will generally include combinations of exercises that work your entire body and get your heart rate up. Which is exactly what you want to be doing to lose weight/tone up/increase your fitness/improve your mental and physical health/smash that PB/insert awesome benefit of regular exercise here.

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What you will get from attending Get Fit Tas Group Fitness Sessions:

Hello fitness and, oh my, hello biceps. Our sessions work both your cardiovascular system as well as your strength system in the one workout. Doing this keeps your heart-rate elevated as you move through the session, while our exercises will give you an all-over body workout leading to greater gains in your fitness and strength. Not only that, exercising like this is a way more effective use of your time then doing separate cardio and strength workouts.

Calories? See you later bad boys. For the duration of the session (60 mins), you’ll be rapidly moving from exercise to exercise with minimal recovery time. This causes not only a huge calorie burn while you’re doing the actual workout session, but you’ll continue to burn calories for hours after it’s complete as well.
 For anyone who wants to lose weight as quickly as possible, this really is the way to do it.

Loads of mighty-fine fun! Our crew are awesomely lovely people, who work bloody hard and smash their fitness goals. Some of them are pretty damn fit, others are just starting on their fitness journey and each one of them has different strengths and weaknesses. Our group is not elite, not cliquey and absolutely 100% not about making people feel small. We all work together to help each other achieve our health and fitness goals.

Value for money: plain and simple no other way to put this. Group Fitness is cost effective. You get your workout supervised by a qualified Personal Trainer. Don’t get that in your gym do you?

So you’re keen? Good one! Head on over to our pricing page to check out our great pricing packages. We can’t wait to start working with you!

Bridal Boot Camp

Get Fit has created sessions for Brides and Bridal parties of all ages and fitness levels so that they can engage in challenging, fun exercise activities together leading up to the big day.

Get Fit has two packages;
1-  Gold Package - Is aimed solely at the bride-to-be and compromises of  4 sessions per week over a 6 week program where everything is geared towards ensuring the bride is looking fabulous as she walks down the aisle.

2-  Silver Package - Is 2 sessions per week over 8 weeks, this program is designed to help the bridal party get themselves fit and healthy in time for the wedding.

Picture This:
Your big day is approaching, but the thoughts of all eyes on you as you walk down that isle are making you nervous. Your body looks nothing like you imagined and you’re freaking out. Before you take drastic action there is one way you can have your cake and eat it to.

The purpose of our Bridal Boot Camps is to provide an alternative for women who don't like crowded gyms, so woman of all ages and fitness levels can come together outdoors and participate in physical and challenging exercises. We provide brides (and grooms) the support and awareness that will get you fit and feeling fabulous not just for your wedding day but "from this day forward"

Let us help you transform your fitness and nutrition habits. The program consists of individuals or couples focusing on achieving your goals. We are committed to helping you develop long-term fitness and nutrition habits that will truly last.

Get Fit understand the challenges you face in finding time for fitness. We know it is especially difficult to stick to your fitness goals when you are planning a wedding. Not only has Get Fit assisted many brides (and grooms) in balancing their hectic wedding planning schedules with achieving the body they want to see on their wedding day. Also, we know it is very difficult to get fit when trying to do it alone.  Bridal Boot Camp is an easier (and more fun) to reach your fitness goals if you have someone to help guide you as well as someone you can be accountable to.

Bridal Gold Package
This is your chance to make BIG changes.  The Gold Package is a minimum of 4 sessions per week for 1 month. We can meet at a park near your home or join in at one of our regular Boot Camp classes. As a reward for the hard work you will be doing, we also include a massage package. This package is for those who have made the decision to change, and are ready to jump in with both feet.

Bridal Silver Package
This package gets the job done by meeting 2 days per week for 2 months. We can meet at a park near your home or join in at one of our regular Boot Camp classes. We will work on your goals, and make a plan for all 7 days of the week. The massage package is optional in this package.

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