FAQ - Strength & Conditioning

How long are your classes?
The duration of the classes will generally be one hour (60 minutes)  However if you are after a more personalised strength and conditioning program the program will be tailored to a duration “That’s right for you”.

I have a bad back can I still join in your classes?
During your fundamentals training, your trainer will help and work with you to improve mobility and strength of core muscle to enable you to join in classes. Due to the nature of the scaling options, we can scale down your loads to help ease you into the sessions.


How long before I notice a difference?
Depending on what your goals are and how committed you are will determine how quick you see results. Many Get Fit clients have seen massive changes within a few months. These changes will obviously differ from client to client however your trainer will work with you to either lose weight, tone up or gain strength.


How do I get started?
Simply contact Get Fit on 0424 45 0424 or jason@getfittas.com.au and we will get you started and help you reach your health and fitness goals sooner rather than later.


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