Running Group

Thinking about running for general fitness or wanting to take part in a running event locally or further afield?
Whether you’ve been running for years or are thinking about getting started, Get Fit Tas running programs can help you.

Do you want to:

  • Improve your speed?
  • Increase your endurance?
  • Train for your first race?
  • Train for a new distance?
  • Set a new personal-best time?
  • Run more efficiently?
  • Check your form and technique?


Whatever your running goals are, we provide guidance and advice to help you set, reach and smash your goals!
Run with us and receive guidance and advice from a true pro!
Jase is a seven-time Australian and state representative, and has been involved in coaching programs all over the world.

We offer a range of different programs and services for runners, from attending weekly training sessions to one-off consultations to develop a comprehensive training plan, or distance coaching via phone, email and/or Skype.

And wait up! Before you panic and click on out of here, because you think you’re not a runner, and you won’t keep up with everyone…you should a) check out one of our favourite quotes below, and b) know that we have runners of all levels, abilities and ages coming along to our sessions.

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What you get with Get Fit Running Programs?

  • Train with professional instructors/athletes
  • Train with a trainer who has been there and done that...
  • Train with a mixture of elite runners, intermediate runners and runners just starting out.
  • Training sessions/workouts for all levels of age and fitness
  • Be motivated and push harder training at our weekly group sessions
  • Receive our Runners Resources information, advice and guidance on all things running related – or simply ask us your question at any time!


Sound like a plan, Stan (or James, or Liz or Nigel or whatever your lovely name may be)?
Well bound on over to our pricing page (‘cause bounding is a plyometric drill we do to help increase speed, y’know) and find out about our different running programs and prices.

Still not sure? Stride on over to our running FAQ page (yep, we do strides at the beginning of every session – an essential part of warming up!) to find the answers to some of the most common running questions.