Obstacle Race Training

Want to get amongst it? Of course you do!!

Get Fit Tas is all over the obstacle course scene. On 17 August our team of 23 travelled to the Sunshine coast to complete the toughest obstacle course race on the scene, and in 2012 15 of the crew travelled to Sydney to complete the course Tough Mudder course there.

Check out the rad video of our 2012 Tough Mudder adventure over here....and keep and eye out for the 2013 video coming soon!

What's next on the list? 
Join our team for RAW Challenge on 2 November in southern Tasmania. Keep reading below for info on how to join the team and train with us. Some of our crew of heading off to different parts of the country taking part in any number of races out there - Spartan Challenge, Warrior Dash, The Stampede, Urbanathlon....check out the Obstacle Racers website for a full run down of races across Australia and NZ.

*Important note! While we use the term obstable race, it's really, really important to note that for a lot of events there is no 'race'. The emphasis is on team work and helping your team, and other participants through the course. Tough Mudder doesn't even time you. So don't let the thought of thousands of people scrambling their way through the mud to get a fast time put you off...while there are people doing that there are also heaps of people just trucking along at their own pace, with their team, with no care for how long it will take them to get around the course.

Why do them?

For the fun factor! For the sense of accomplishment when you cross the line! For the friends you'll make, the laughs you'll have, for the kick-ass fitness and strength you'll develop during training. To test yourself, overcome fears, surprise yourself with what you're capable of....there are so many great reasons why you should give an obstacle race a crack.

How do you train?
We have developed some unique, but pretty effective training methods. Generally as we're training for a race we start off doing a combination of strength and cardio sessions. Our sessions build up in frequency, intensity and duration as we get closer to the event. 

Check out our Facebook page for photos of Tough Mudder training.

Gonna do it? Nice work Tiger!

Join our RAW Challenge Team. You will love it!

Get Fit Tas is entering a team in the RAW Challenge, being held in Southern Tassie on 2 November 2013. If you're new to obstacle racing, not sure if it's for you, or a wee bit nervous, then come on over and join our team!

Get Fit Tas RAW Challenge Team Info:
Our team is open to anyone and everyone – recruit friends/family/colleagues – we want a big Get Fit group out there on the day, having loads of fun and razzing the other participants in our friendly way.
This event is also the perfect event for all those people who’ve looked at events like Tough Mudder and thought they’d love to do it ‘one day’. Well – now’s your chance to have a crack at it Cool Kids!

The Raw Challenge is an 8km obstacle race. Training and doing the event with a group is SO. MUCH. FUN! It really is....we have tonnes of fun at training, help each other with our different strengths and weaknesses, and generally have lots of laughs.

Event Details:
Event Date: 2 November 2013
Time: Our wave starts at 10.15 am; you will need to plan on arriving no later than 9.30am to meet the rest of the team and register.
Course: 8km (do as many laps as you want!), 30 + obstacles + loads of festivities and fun after.

Keen as a Bean?
To join our team please email laura@getfittas.com.au