Swimming Coaching


For over 18 years GTF has helped hundreds of people become strong swimmers for triathlon and ocean swimming.

Our comprehensive swim program incorporates pool squad training, technique sessions, video analysis and open water swim practice and racing.

We understand that every swimmer has their own style, pace and challenges so our approach is to provide individual attention where needed, while at the same time utilising the benefits of a squad environment.

With three or more swim sessions each week at two convenient city locations, our lanes are never overcrowded which means each swimmer receives the individual attention they deserve.

So whether you’re a ‘fish’ or a ‘brick’ in water, GTF will help you maintain motivation, focus and assist you to achieve your swim goals.

Considered the most feared of the triathlon disciplines, the thought of swimming in open water is the most common reason people put off entering their first triathlon. Apart from common deep-water and immersion fears, an inefficient technique means that many will fatigue quickly when attempting to swim longer distances. Learning to move efficiently through the denser medium of water, compared to air, demands a far greater technical approach than riding or running.

At GTF we understand that in order to grow confidence in water and improve your stroke, strength and fitness you need a managed and supervised approach that pays as much attention to technique as it does to swim fitness.

Through a structured and varied program that begins with the basics, GTF has helped many transform from absolute beginners who struggle to complete a 50m length to competitive swimmers in a very short time frame

Stroke correction sessions
Note: Our sessions are open to anyone

The speed at which you travel through the water is in large part determined, not by fitness (although this is important) but by the efficiency of your hand and leg movements in the water and the amount you can reduce resistive force.

In other words, to be a great swimmer you need to have great technique!

From a triathlon perspective, being a technically sound, fit swimmer will not only lead to a good swim time, it will also mean you not are exhausted by the time you get on the bike.

With this in mind GTF has developed a swim technique course over four 1 hour sessions which will cover all aspects of the freestyle swim stroke in a way that will be easy for everyone to understand. No swim clocks or time trials to worry about – the focus will be purely technique.

GoPro video feedback will be provided to each swimmer to highlight above and below water technique as we have found that before and after visual feedback is vital for improvement.

Our sessions are suitable for swimmers of all levels.

Open Water Swimming Skill Sessions

Friendly open water swimming coaching sessions with like-minded people, suitable for beginner, intermediate, elite, adult and junior triathletes and open water swimmers.

Whether you've anxious about getting into the open water for the first time, open water swimming for pleasure, or you're a seasoned triathlete looking to improve your race times and get that age group podium finish, our expert coaching will make you swim more comfortably, much faster and make you learn to love the open water!

We offer open water swim sessions a varity of ocean locations from November through to April. Check the timetable and facebook for details, and join our mailing list by emailing: jason@getfittas.com.au


Located in the heart of the Hobart CBD Hobart Aquatic has an indoor 50m Olympic pool and 25m pool and is open all year round.
Address 1 Davies Ave, Queens Domain TAS 7000

YMCA Hobart 50m Olympic pool located on the Eastern Shore - .Montagu Bay  It is only 3.700 kilometers from Hobart CBD and is open all year round.
Address:  4 Loinah Cres, Montagu Bay TAS 7018

For all session times and days, please contact jason@getfittas.com.au