About Us

About What We Stand For

At Get Fit Tas, we aim high! We’re all about providing the highest level of service for our clients, and in doing so aim to raise the benchmark for service provision across the fitness industry.

Our trainers come from different backgrounds and have different strengths, but have a few important factors in common:
a) we LOVE working with clients to help them achieve (and often smash to smithereens!) their goals. Whether you want to lose 10kg or run a PB in your next half-marathon, we are crazy-keen on working with you to get the results you want.  In doing so, one of the most satisfying elements of our job is seeing people do way better than they ever believed themselves capable of!

b) we are MASSIVE fitness nerds! Yep, we are interested in, passionate about, and continually learning about all things fitness related: training methods, body bio-dynamics, injury prevention and management, nutrition…the list goes on! We use this knowledge to make sure when you train with us, you achieve your goals (see point a) above).

Working together we provide fitness services for people of all ages and fitness levels throughout greater Hobart. 




About Jason
Jason in our Personal Trainer, Coach, Massage Therapist and owner, . Jason has over 19 years experience in the fitness industry.  Jason is an elite athlete in several disciplines which has seen him represent his country in Athletics and his State in several different sports (Athletics, Triathlon, Martial Arts, Foot Ball, Base Ball, Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis & Basket Ball) and recently completed the 2016 New Zealand (Taupo)  Ironman which has gained him a spot at the 2016 World Championships in Kona Hawaii and completed it.
Jason’s passion for the fitness industry and general health & well-being is evident in everything he does through his group (boot camp) and one on one sessions, coaching, seminars, and in general conversation.
Jason’s open minded and flexible approach to his programs and sessions see that every client’s expectations & goals are achieved.

Jason’s qualifications:

  •     IronmanU Certified Coach
  •     Development Coaching
  •     Certificate IV in Fitness
  •     Registered Personal Trainer level IV   (Fitness Australia)
  •     Certificate IV In Massage Therapy Practice
  •     Certificate IV in TAE (Training and Assessment)
  •     Fit Ball Instructor
  •     Workplace Level II First Aid
  •     Austswim
  •     Working with children card
  •     Strength and conditioning coach


 Other staff profiles coming soon.


Tania Gorringe 40 years old (boot camp)
I am a 40 year old woman with some pre-existing injuries. I thought boot camp was for younger people and people that were already fit.  I started with Get Fit three months ago and have hardly missed a session since.  There is no yelling and screaming, just a great level of encouragement by a Trainer with a great sense of humour and fun.  The sessions provide a great variety of cardio and strength work. I personally love the boxing.  My fitness and strength have improved and as a result I feel stronger, healthier and happier. Thanks Get Fit for showing me that I can do more than power walking and that exercise is more than just a gym and weight machines!

Michael Dalton - Former Australian Marathon Champion (massage)
"I've been involved in sport for over 25 years, during which time I've been on the receiving end of literally hundreds of massages from numerous individuals. Having been treated by Jason regularly over the past few months, I'm pleased to say he has the midas touch...one of the best. A recent treatment for some severe back pain saw Jason work wonders, and had me back running and riding in no time." 

Gary Taylor 32 years old (boot camp)
Boot camp with Get Fit  was hard at first but within a short period of time I started seeing results!! It is tough but awesome. In four months I achieved things I never thought I would. I found the team to be highly professional, motivating and lots and lots of fun. Thanks a lot guys.
To anyone thinking of signing up - do it! You won't regret it.


Rachael Harris 37 years old (massage)
As both a private and corporate client have been seeing Jason over the past twelve months for remedial massage and I have to say this guy is just magic. The best nights sleep is always after Jason's massage!
He is a highly professional and very caring person in tune with your needs. Whether you need a chat or a sleep, Jason always knows just the sort of massage you need on this particular day! I have always found him to be accommodating especially when I decide I need a massage TODAY (he always manages to fit me in somewhere) and if not, as soon as he possibly can.
With Jason's high regard for his clients and his ability to work his magic, I cannot hesitate to recommend him to anyone suffering from aches and pains, stress and strain or just feeling like they need a little pampering, Jason can help you too!


Amy Dillion 28 years old (personal training)
It all started when I kept getting injuries from running. I became my physio's number-one client. It slowly dawned on me that I needed to do something quick, and by recommendation I rang Get Fit and have never looked back. Now it's easier to run forward.
Jason plans each session and each one is always different so there's no chance of getting bored. This makes for each session to be challenging, fun and testing. Recently I had the opportunity to see how Jason's training has helped with my running. Recently I entered a 10K road race on the Gold Coast, which was two laps of an undulating course (even got the terminology now!) and ran it in a personal best time with a sprint finish at the end! I'm still in shock.
Yep, I can't wait for the next training session and my next race. The friendly one-to-one way of training has helped me improve my overall fitness, confidence, knowledge, and to enjoy my running even more.  

Paul Terry 38 years old (personal training)
I found that I did not have the time or the motivation to join a gym so I decided to try having "regular appointments" with a personal trainer.
In recent times, I had become overweight and unfit due to a combination of heavy work commitments, poor diet and little exercise.
Jason has been my personal trainer for the last three months, and despite only knowing and training with him for such a short period, I have formed the opinion that Jason is an excellent personal trainer!
It is apparent that Jason enjoys what he does and this comes across in each of his appointments. I have found him to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. He has even gone to great lengths to make me feel more enthusiastic about my personal fitness and has prepared a specific program for me to follow.

Notwithstanding the short time that I have been working with Jason, I feel much healthier and have lost 11 kgs. Jason's energy and attitude, his extensive knowledge of the human body and his ability to understand his clients’ needs make him a very good personal trainer

Robert Burke 25 years old (personal training)

When I began working with Get Fit I had minimal experience lifting weights or doing any type of conditioning at all. Knowing that I wanted to gain weight and increase my strength and muscle mass for an upcoming football season, Get Fit assessed my goals, strengths and weaknesses, and created a comprehensive program specifically suited to meet those goals.
In 4 months of working with Get Fit, I have gained 12kg. Also, when I began training with Get Fit a set of 3 pull ups was a challenge. I can now complete 12 pull ups with relative ease. More than this though, I can clearly see and feel the difference each weekend in my football games.

Alex Hodge (boot camp)
When I started boot-camp with Get Fit Tas I was a little sceptical as I have known Jason the lead personal trainer for many years and I was worried he may not go as hard on me as other or I may not take him seriously.
I attended the first boot-camp session and have been attending for approximately 12 months now, initially once a week and now at-least 2x a week and often 3x a week.

At my first session I weighed in at 93kg, I was very unfit and suffering from asthma and being a smoker made it even harder, but my fiance was also coming along so I stuck with it.
It was a slow start and I found it very hard to change my habits like eating carbs late at night before bed and skipping breakfast and just eating portions far larger than my body required.

Jason took the time to help me understand the energy input my body required and that it must be less than that of output or I would continue to gain weight, he assisted me in choosing smarter foods high in protein and vitamins to keep me feeling full longer and also helped with some ideas to make healthier food more attractive to me...previously I referred to salads as "Rabbit Food" I have since learnt to really enjoy them.

Slowly over time I started to lose weight 100-200 grams a week, I realised that the only thing holding me back was me...at this stage myself and Cassie my fiance upped our classed to 2x a week and the weight loss increased and we were both feeling more energetic healthier and less tired all the time.

About 6 months in my fiance Cassie decided she loved it so much she started going 4x a week often and 3x a week when she could not make all the sessions, I then had to step up my game and started 3x a week.
Quickly I found even though my weight was not dropping as quickly as I would like it was dropping steadily, BUT the sessions were seeming easier and Cassie and I were both really starting to enjoy them, especially the boxing sessions.
This continued for a while longer then I noticed my muscle tone was starting to come back, I could run further and train harder and longer but I was eating much less than before...feeling healthier and sleeping better.

Here we are almost 12 months later I dropped from 93kg down to 75kg, that's 18kg! or 1.5kg a month I have now put on 2kg of muscle mass and I am back to 77KG but I'm happy to be putting on weight now as it is the right weight and thanks to Jason's guidance and perseverance I'm looking and feeling great for my wedding in less than 2 weeks and Cassie has lost an amazing 16kg and she is looking fantastic.

A big thank you to Jason and the Get Fit Tas team, I highly recommend the boot-camp session and personal training to anyone serious about losing weight, getting healthy and developing a successful eating habit.

I'm happy to provide photo's of Cassie and myself when we were heavier to show how much healthier and happier we look now.