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The Mind Behind Get Tri Fit 'Performance Triathlete Coaching'
 The mind behind GTF
"Performance Triathlete Coaching"

Since starting coaching in 1997, Jason Allie and his team have produced many Australian and State champions across running, swiming, cycling, triathlons, Ironman and multi-sport events. Jason has an international reputation for delivering the best. With experience of competing at an elite level he understands the kind of support and training his athletes need to achieve their goals. Recently Jason received accreditation as an IronmanU certified coach which goes along well with a very long list of qualifications.

Get Tri Fit strives for excellence at all levels and our training programs are a powerful tool for any athlete. We will work with you to ensure we understand your goals and help your stay motivated, focused and injury free throughout your training.

Get Tri Fit offers personalised training programs for beginners, age group and elite athletes with independent ‘do it yourself’ options or supported training with ongoing consultations. We also offer running, swimming and biking specific coaching.

A Holistic Approach to Triathlon Training
State-of-the-art measurement and prescription technology Understanding your bio-mechanics and your body’scapabilities is our first step in developing a triathlon training program that will drive you to perform at your optimum, while avoiding injuries and over-training. We use the latest technology to assess your bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses and then design a program based on all factors, including your lifestyle and personal requirements.

Skilled coaching staff
Our triathlon coaches are selected based on their technical knowledge in bio-mechanics and programming, race experience and their ability to work with all levels of athlete. 

Individual coaching plans
Get Tri Fit offers coaching and training plans in the following;

  • Ironman 226
  • Ironman 70.3
  • Olympic distance Triathlon
  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Beginner Triathlon
  • Professional athletes
  • Swimming, cycling, running
  • Adventure racing

Intensive triathlon training camps
Get Tri Fit organizes regular triathlon training camps which will allow you to immerse yourself in a unique training environment. This focused training under the supervision of our experienced coaches delivers great results. 
Our camps are level specific and are run in both technical capacities and endurance preparation blocks so they are tailored to your specific level and are suitable for all levels.

Training group support
In addition to our local triathlon groups in Hobart, we have several other groups through Australia that work in partnership with Get Tri Fit.  You may be following an individual personalised training program however this does not mean you have to be alone on those long rides, runs or early morning swim sessions.

Athlete sponsorship and support programs
If you have what it takes to go pro/top age grouper and can prove it on the road, then Get Tri Fit will support you to achieve your full potential.

What we offer

  • Periodised training and race plan for your season taking into account your strengths and weaknesses and based on your goals and training objectives
  • Training program delivered via Training Peaks and based on your individual needs and feedback
  • Ongoing review and performance testing
  • Training and race file Power, HR and Pace analysis utilising Training Peaks and WKO+ software
  • Training zones for swim, bike and run based on Power, HR or Pace
  • Race nutrition and pacing strategies for your goal races as well as the knowledge to help you optimise your nutrition in training
  • Continuous technique and skill development through proven drills, feedback and video analysis
  • Advice on selecting the best equipment for you and your budget
  • Bike fitting service
  • Integrated core strength programs  targeting your individual weaknesses
  • For Tasmanian based athletes, regular face to face contact at weekly sessions

Get in touch with us today for a personalised training program that’s right for you!